Centre for World Solidarity (CWS) is rooted in Gandhian principles and the concept of ‘world solidarity’ as manifested by its work with diverse grass root level communities, partners and nurturing of other self-reliant sister solidarity institutes for contributing to overall well being of society.

Our Focus Area​

To build awareness about nutrition and its importance, POSHAN Maah is celebrated the nation over. Different campaign was organized at the grass-root levels by CWS in order to fight against malnutrition. CWS focuses to raise awareness on proper nutrition to all and educate everyone about malnourishment, with proper remedial solutions. CWS has been organizing several activities to create awareness regarding healthy lifestyles and nutritious diets.Income’s relation with food security, and these two’s relation with education and all these combined relation with the environment…the MDGs have created a platform to think about all these issues together and not keep them compartmentalized as different.

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Latest Causes

CWS is the emergence of an equitable society of small communities, where all those deprived of basic human rights, especially women, dalits, adivasis and minorities, live with dignity.