Centre for World Solidarity

Centre for World Solidarity (CWS) is rooted in Gandhian principles and the concept of ‘world solidarity’ as manifested by its work with diverse grass root level communities, partners and nurturing of other self-reliant sister solidarity institutes for contributing to overall well being of society.

The gamut of CWS’s activities can broadly be grouped into three thematic areas, namely, Livelihoods, Human Dignity, and People Centered Good Governance


Food and Nutritional security, Farm and Non-Farm based Livelihoods

Human Dignity

Prevention of Violence Against Women
Quality of life of Adivasis (Tribals) and Dalits

People Centered Good Governance

Inclusiveness of marginalized sections Improved participation of women

Story of change

Turning a Wasteland into nutrition garden

India may be the second-largest food producer in the world, but it also has the second-largest undernourished population. Additionally, anemia affects more than 50% of Indian mothers, contributing to the high risk of low-birth-weight infants. High .......

Creating safety nets for indigenous paddy grower

Farmers who practice subsistence farming on small landholdings account for more than 80 percent of the total population. Although smallholders are the future of sustainable agriculture, they are frequently at the crossroads......

Drip irrigation system using saline bottle

India is land of farmers and farming is the largest source of livelihoods in India. Almost 70 percent of its rural households still rely primarily on agribusiness for their livelihood, with 82 percent of farmers being small and marginal. The vast majority of the areas .....

Centre for World Solidarity (CWS) registered as a Trust in 1992 is a Not for Profit Organisation (NPO) that draws its intent, inspiration and direction from the Gandhian ideology of small and self-reliant communities. CWS is actively engaged in addressing issues relating to human wellbeing, livelihoods and local governance with particular focus on helping the underprivileged and marginalised sections (especially women, Dalits, Adivasis).

Our Mission

To promote a gendered and eco-sustainable approach that will advance people centered governance, livelihoods and management of natural resources.

Our Vision

The vision of CWS is the emergence of an equitable society of small communities, where all those deprived of basic human rights, especially women, dalits, adivasis and minorities, live with dignity; a society that is vibrant with the consciousness of both rights and duties, free from violence and committed to eco-friendly development.


Works with several networks in different states