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India’s food system is broken. Ecologically harmful practices and technologies could achieve agriculture production in a short span of time but has taken a heavy toll on the environment and human health. Fortunately, there is a growing demand for producing and consuming food that is safe and healthy. Motivated by rising demand, many farmers in India are turning to agricultural practices that are chemical free and sustainable. More and more new food-related “ecopreneurs” (farmer producer organizations, restaurants, street vendors, food retailers, food processors, wholesalers, and others) are willing to transform the existing food systems and to create value chains that are not only driven by economic but also, social, cultural, nutritional, and ecological values at various level. But changes in food systems are complex and there are no ready-made roadmaps or a single window service provision.

To support this transformation CWS is working in the project ‘Bhoomi Ka – Co-creating Clean, Green and Fair Food Systems’ supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Welthungerhilfe (WHH). The overall objective of the project is- the existing framework conditions that influence the development of agroecological value chains and food systems have improved and become more inclusive for smallholder producer communities, ecopreneurs and consumers. Under this project the team will strengthen and build capacities 50 Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) and provide handholding support and mentoring support to 10 FPOs selected from the above 50, to establish sustainable inclusive ecological value chains from across four states- Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha and Uttarakhand.

Objective of the capacity building

  • Training and capacity of BoD and Staff members in governance and compliance management
  • Post-harvest management and quality management
  • Train and build capacities of BoDs & CEOs to support and strengthen their FPO and develop strong business outlook.
  • Value addition and market management- Supply chain, aggregation, sorting, grading, processing, value addition, branding packaging.
  • Agro ecological production methods
  • Orientation/ Training on PGS Certification for farmers
  • Quality control in food production
  • Support FPO & SME develop its business strategy and action plan for one year.
  • Support FPO & SME in establishing strong management protocols and strategy for communication and marketing.
  • Design and develop a mentoring programme/module for 10 FPOs & 10 SME for one year.


Proposed area

The proposed area is planned to be executed in Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha and Uttarakhand. The agency/consultant will oragnise and conduct capacity building workshops for selected FPO through information and using different approach on the criterion of effectively functioning and doing business by the identified FPO in the above-mentioned area.

Scope of work

  • Design and develop module for capacity building of BoDs and FPO management team for understanding compliances, rules & regulations, and management practices.
  • Assessing the training and mentoring support required by the FPO & SME
  • Assisting and facilitating the FPO in fulfilling of compliances of byelaws, initiation of group activities, with particular emphasis on group marketing and bulk purchase of agriculture inputs, etc
  • Design and develop training for maintenance of accounts and manging financing. Designing strategies to access grants and credits available for FPOs & SME
  • Capacity building in identified activities and establishment of accountability system Identification of products for marketing (based on market requirements as well as available product range);
  • Capacitating on the method of assessment of complete supply chain, which includes raw-material, credit, manpower, transport logistics, skill development, etc. and in accordance of that development of product marketing strategy;
  • Capacitating in identification of prospecting marketing opportunities, both agriculture inputs and agriculture outputs and designing the business module for the same and costing, competitive pricing and projection of profit and turnover for the activities to be adopted by the producer groups.
  • Development of training modules, training & capacity building of the beneficiaries and identification of FPOs & SME  activities:
  • Development of training module in respect to gap analysis in post-production and market linkage aspects and facilitating training of the project beneficiaries to develop desired skillset.
  • Training of FPOs  representatives and group members for managing business on commercially viable scale.
  • Guiding and facilitating the FPO & SME  in preparation of operation and policy manuals that would include among other fund flow system, procurement method, financial transactions, marketing arrangements leading to establishment of a well-defined accountability system.

Key Skills Required:

  • Good understanding and knowledge of FPOs and SME their governance and management, and well-rounded understanding of rural livelihoods. Proven track record and experience in training and capacity building of FPOs in governance, management, financial management, business development and market access. A good understanding of ecological value chain development especially scope for small producers in such value chain. Experience of working in the West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha and Uttarakhand specially in the sectors of agri-business initiated by FPO/FPC/SME.
  • Should have  more than 5 years’ experience in promotion and capacity building of Farmers Producers Organization.
  • Preference will be given to certified trainer of FPO capacity building and having clear understanding of market linkage , Governance and & Management, Business development and sustainability of FPO.

The proposal:

A detailed proposal including-


  • Methodology
  • Previous experience in conducting similar assignment
  • Team member details and CVs
  • Timelines
  • Detailed Financial Proposal
  • Reference of any similar engagements conducted in the past.

should be submitted to  career@cwsorg.in  with cc to Palash@cwsorg.in  & rajdip@cwsorg.in by 18th  May 2023.


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