Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

In 10 villages in Batlagundu block of Dindigul district, grain banks and seed banks were established through our NGO partner CENTREREDA. Green Shop system was promoted to sell their surplus produces to consumers directly. Nearly 7 tons of drumstick, 5 tons of tomato, onion, curry leaves, lemon, Greens, Bottlegourd, Tapioca (Maravalli Kizhlangu), country chicken, 600kgs of cane jaggery powder and 43 litres of honey were marketed through Green shop system. Fruits such as banana, chikoo, papaya, lemon and guava are also marketed through Green Shop. These initiatives were supported through Action for World Solidarity (ASW). 

Support to Forest Dependent Communities

This is a programme supported by ASW for 10 years wherein the project partner Good Hope Foundation focused on supporting the forest dependent communities in the Sirumalai Reserve Forest areas to take up alternate livelihood activities so that the pressure on the forest is reduced.

Securing Tribal Livelihoods

CWS is supporting efforts to secure the livelihoods of Paliyar tribes in Lower Palani Hills of Kodaikanal through Humane Trust. The tribal families are assisted in submitting claims for Individual Forest Rights and Community Forest Rights to the department. This would help them to have exclusive rights over the minor forest produce in this area and derive income from it.

Empowering Women Construction Workers

The focus is on women construction workers in Thiruverambur Block of Trichy district. They are given awareness about the Welfare Board for construction workers, motivated and assisted to enroll with the Board and also facilitates in the members accessing the benefits of the Board. The project is facilitated by our NGO partner, WE Trust and funded by ASW. The programme completed 10 years and around 95 Village level Committees have been formed in these 10 years and more than 2500 women have enrolled with the Welfare Board and benefited from it.