Sustainable livelihood has a strong focus on promotion of organic farming and integrated farming systems among both men and women farmers. Other associated activities include soil and water conservation measures and facilitating Farmer producer companies in tribal areas. Training, workshops, exposures, interfacing with multi-stakeholders are major activities.

Food and Nutritional Security

CWS actively promoted kitchen or nutrition gardens in the house’ backyard of women farmers in order
to address availability, accessibility of green vegetables and fruits to ensure household ‘Diet diversity
score&;. CWS undertakes campaigns wherein children in age group of 7 to 14 are encouraged to develop
nutrition garden both in their home and school practicing tri-colour food, personal hygiene as well as
environmental hygiene in their daily life. Food security is ensured through sustainable and improved
agricultural practices and crop diversity of at least 3 crops per household per year. These efforts are
further completed for increased income through market linkages, value addition to agriculture produce,
pisciculture and small ruminant rearing.

Water and Sanitation

CWS has been engaged in water conservation and ground water augmentation activities, which
include watershed development, rain water harvesting, and renovation of open wells and bore
wells as direct project implementation. Water availability for
households for drinking and other domestic needs as well as water needs of schools,
aanganwadis and hospitals are addressed.