• September 10, 2021

Securing Children for Secure India

This Nutrition Month, CWS celebrated various events to address malnutrition amongst young children and women and ensuring health and nutrition for everyone.

Three years ago, After screening CWS found that Kuili daughter of Sanjho Murmu was Malnourished, after counselling she took her child to government run MTC for clinical treatment. Once she returned CWS involved both Kuili and his mother in special 15 day’s Nutrition Camp. In this camp she learnt importance of first 1000 days and learnt about behavior change practices on exclusive breastfeeding complementary feeding and hygiene.

Kuili recovered, and time passed and Sanjho became pregnant second time. This time she followed all those lesson learnt in Nutrition Camp, and gave ear to counseling done during home visit by Nutrition volunteer promoted by CWS, attended PLA LANN session.
She delivered healthy Baby Sagun second time. She is very now and sharing her experience proudly with fellow villagers.


CWS Believes in Securing Children for Secure India

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