Progressive Farmer with supporting heart

Name of the farmer- Kamal Mahato

Village- Dhamakbera

Panchayat- Hendeljuri

Kamal Mahato is a progressive farmer. Under the Nutrition project, Kamal Mahato is selected as a lead farmer to promote Integrated Farming System Model. Initially, he grows vegetables and paddy only. And he does a minimal amount of livestock rearing. In 2021 Kamal Mahato supported 10 Indian Runner Ducks to increase his sub-systems and to promote livestock rearing for protein intake.

Kamal Mahato is happy to share that he currently has around 55 ducks. He sold 200 eggs for @10-12 Rs. each. He sold ducks for meat in Rs. 300-400 Kg. Kamal Mahato also supported eggs for 9-10 farmers to rear the duck. He is promoting duck rearing among other farmers.

He wants to scale –up duck rearing and helps other farmers to rear the duck. In the process, he is promoting protein intake among the community.


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