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The guide for NSCP was conceptualized to address the growing need of bringing nutrition agenda at the center of planning to make the village level development process more inclusive. Malnutrition is the most visible and accurate indicator of poverty, but unfortunately it is not included in the Socio-Economic Caste Censuc (SECC) criteria for selection of beneficiaries at present.

The purpose of the guide is to facilitate an inclusive and participitory the planning process village planning processes, the exclusion factor is not adequately addressed, due to which genu Community level to cover all genuine beneficiaries from socially excluded groups. In most of families with malnourished children or women donot link to the government services. The Communityplans at village level primary focused on infrastructure development which lin the possibility to develop a causal relationship with the change scenario and outcomes of Community planning exercise under the GPDP and other initiatives. Under-nutrition is the mo direct and obvious indicator of poverty, and considering this indicator to include disadvantage families in the Communityplanning process has led to very positive experiences. Malnutrition many forms of manifestations and arises out of food scarcity, poor access to health and nutrition schemes and services, a lack of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities, low income level low agriculture production and productivity, missing irrigation facilities, no food availability from commons and shrinking biodiversity. Not being sufficiently inclusive and participatory in most of the village level planning processes, such households are isolated from the schemes and entitlements the focus on control of malnutrition is also often missing in such planning. NSCP envisages to pay fair attention to the needs of families facing malnutrition for their rehabilitation as well as for developing the village commons as productive source under MGNREGA and other flagship schemes for improved local availability of food source and nutrition uptake for the entire village.

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