The Dalit Programme of CWS envisions Dalits to live with dignity, have equal opportunity, socialeconomic justice, and be in decision making at all levels and free from caste discrimination and violence.


  • To strengthen dalits to claim their entitlements, provided through different social welfare schemes of state and national Governments and inform and educate the community on the various Constitutional safeguards and self sustainable practices to empower themselves
  • To build the capacity of Dalit Partners in all 5 states in proposal development and Documentation.
  • To strengthen the ongoing networks and build the capacities of the networks to become sustainable and convergence with other contemporary networks.
  • To enable the Dalit community to exercise their basic right to dignity, right to education, right to work and livelihood by generating awareness on SC/ST (PoA) 1989, NREGA, reservation provisions in educational institutions and advocating land redistribution to landless Dalits.


Access to land and to claim their right is an important struggle of the dalits in Bihar and AP particularly. As a result of this the Bihar Dalit Network has acquired recognition by the state government. The convener has been nominated as a member of the Bhoodan Land Distribution Committee.

The People’s Monitoring Committee, a network initiated by CWS in AP has also received recognition by the state government. It functions at the state and district levels. The Committee plays a pivotal role in ensuring that benefits meant for dalits reaches them. There is close coordination with the working committee of Rural Development Department and at the district level, PMC members have been asked to assist the department in developing plans to access benefits from NABARD.

  • wareness generation and training on the following;
  • SC/ST PoA 1989
  • SCP Budgetting
  • RTI
  • CLDP
  • Cadre building of dalit youth is an important component for assertion of rights
  • Promoting trade unions among the unorganized sector, as majority of workers are dalits, including separately for women. Unions are affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Labour Union.
  • Promoting Dalit women’s network and women headed organisations, through capacity building.
  • Strengthening the People’s Monitoring Committee
  • Legal aid to dalit victims of violence
  • Strengthening of the Dalit Federation for land rights
  • Facilitated a study on the Dalit Movement in AP
  • Promoting and strengthening livelihood options

The Dalit programme is active in all the 5 CWS operational states. AP is most vibrant for historical reasons, followed by Tamil Nadu, whereas the other three states are gearing up to build a strong base to protect and claim rights as dalits.

DAM Network Meeting in Bihar

Ms. Briget and Mr. Detlef ’s Interaction with Grama Charma

Tribal Youth Meeting

Ms. Brigette and Mr. Detlef ’s Visit to Dam Displaced victims

Meeting with Basiwini (Jogini) Women in Kurnool District.

Wage Seeker’s Meeting In Vishakapatnam.

AVM, non-formal education to children in Jharkhand

Training programme on Adda Leaf Making