Project Improving Sustainable Livelihood of the Marginalized Communities in Six States of India.
Project Theme Issue/ objective Sustainable Livelihood Objective: 1)   Households of women, dalits, adivasis and minorities have improved their food security status. [Note: In the States of Jharkhand and Odisha, CWS has decided to include nu-trition security into the objective formulation. Indicator for Jharkhand is: 75% of 2100 households (W/D/A/M) have increased their diet diversity.
Project Implementing Partner/s Association for Social and Human Awareness (ASHA), Ranchi.BanvasiVikas Ashram (BVA), Giridih, Bihar Pradesh YuvaParishad (BPYP), DaltongangFontal Development Foundation (FDF), DeogharSamajPragati Sansthan (SPS), Giridih
Geographical area/coverage 10 villages ofNamkum block (Ranchi district)10 villages of Bagodar Block (Giridih district) 10 villages of Manika block (Latehar district)10 villages of Jarmundi block (Dumka districts)10 villages of Chandankyari block (Bokaro district)
Funder  Bread for the World and ASW, Germany
Project duration 3 years; 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2021
Beneficiaries 2100 households (W/D/A/M).
Proposed activities for Apr 2017- March 2018 By all 5 Partners Baseline Survey 1000 HH Diet Diversity score/child & Mother tracking 1 Community capacity building training/ orientation on specific project indicators related topics 1 Capacity building of farmers on SIFS modelling and farm planning 1 Training of farmers on improved agricultural practices; 1 Exposure visit to Farmers at Institution for improved SIFS & IGA activity Input support to identified farmers and women, youth entrepreneurs; Village Community score card exercises with identified community members every year Financial Literacy workshops and handholding support for credit linkages, promotion of business development plan for identified farmers, women and members of vulnerable families Installation of Nutrition/ Kitchen Garden for identified families. Mass educational activities (IEC, Wall writing and poster etc.) By JRC Documentation and case study/ success story reporting related capacity building and review meetings; every year twiceGender Sensitivity awareness in line with agriculture, income generation and nutrition and hygiene managementWorkshop/ technical support to the entrepreneurs/ small holders  on Market linkages and value addition of surplus productsInterface Meeting between villagers, Govt. Officers and PRI Members for convergence