• Are you conscious about the food you eat?
  • Do you eat chemically grown food?
  • Do you want to eat organic?
  • Do you know what’s organic?
  • Would you like to know about your food, farmer and produces?
  • Would you like to buy organic food at reasonable prices?

If yes, are your answers....

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The Food that we eat today can be poison or can be a medicine.  Like we all know that with the increase in population demand of food also increased in the year 1950. With Green Revolution beginning in 1960 & continuing onwards 1965 aimed at providing increase in production to make the country self sufficient in food grains with introduction of high yielding variety and increase used of fertilizers. Hence traditional farming gradually went on demolishing.  With humongous use in fertilizer, pesticides were also abruptly poured on farms to kill pests & insects.


Now in the year 2020 which is now almost SIX decades the use of pesticides and chemical farming have become a trade, practice and an easy way to increase yields. Neither farmers nor consumers want to grave on the ill effects of chemical farming and its consequences on human health and environment.  From skin cancer to farmers death in Karnataka, from ban of pesticides to degrading of soil and environment nothing has yet become alarming.  So calling food a poison isn’t wrong. 


Now the question arises how food can turn out be a medicine?  The easiest answer is intake of organic food. While being less depended to market food can be one best option, for an example one can grow their own vegetables at home. The second option can be buying organic produces from authentic brand. Another bigger question that strikes to mind is that most organic products hurt our pockets. Yes that absolutely true. But there are few exceptional brands who give you best prices and organic food at your doorstep in Jamshedpur. One such brand is Bhoomi Ka.

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Our Speakers

Mr.Anil Khujur

Farmer, Entrepreneur & PGS Trainer

Ms. Surabhi Sharma

Bhoomi ka Representative & Small Holder Famers Campaigner

Mrs Nisha Zaveri Taunk

Ecopreneur & Founder Health Shop Jmashedpur

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Register Yourself at Just Rs 99 For BHOOMI KA FARMER CONSUMER CONNECT.

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