Adivasi Program


Ever since its inception, CWS initiatives are focused on the rights based empowerment of Adivasi communities. In a modest way, the initiatives have created awareness on certain policies and rights envisaged in the Indian Constitution among the Adivasi communities. The Adivasis have begun to articulate and assert their claims. CWS and its partners believe in the assertive articulation of the needs, aspirations and demands of the Adivasis in the processes of realizing the constitutionally laid down rights and provisions. This becomes very significant in the changing contexts, particularly in the era of liberalization, privatization and globalization, the Adivasi being worst affected and vulnerable to further marginalization. Therefore, CWS believes that protection of the rights of the Adivasi communities and empowering them on realizing their rights is vital for their development. Through its partners, CWS has carried out awareness camps, and developed IEC material and disseminated on the policies enacted during recent years.

  • Promote a network of tribal CBOs in four Southern districts of Orissa and strengthen their capacity in addressing the issues of tribal people
  • Critically examine the existing policies of the government related to tribal rights and advocate for appropriate policy changes and effective implementation of policies
  • Strengthening the network of 23 grassroots NGOs working in the going to be submerged villages in 5 districts in 3 Indian states
  • Organize communities to resist the construction of the proposed Indira Sagar Project.
  • Create awareness among the Adivasi, Dalit and other marginalized sections on the ill effects of large dams
  • Build the capacities of the Adivasi, Dalit, minority and other civil society members to negotiate with the government on feasible existing alternate models of dam
  • Organizing tribal women into CBOs
  • Create awareness among the tribal communities on their rights and forest rights
  • Promotion of food security to the tribal communities
  • Formation of region level tribal women network

Key Activities:

  • Awareness, Sensitisation and Organizing Adivasi Communities
  • Addressing Land Alienation Issues
  • Training on Forest Rights Act and Claim for forestland
  • Formation of Ban Adhikar Samiti
  • Addressing women Issues
  • Formation of Block Level Women Organization
  • Awareness on NREGA
  • Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy (R & R Policy)
  • Panchayat Extention to Scheduled Area Act (PESA Act)
  • Displacement and Livelihood Rights of Adivasis in Telangana
  • Formation and strengthening of Gram Mitras